Our therapists provide therapeutic treatment and intervention on a twice
weekly, weekly, bi-weekly or consultative basis to faciliate skills
development and functional outcomes. The therapy programs are designed with the child and their
Our therapists assess the child’s abilities, using caregiver interviews, standardized assessments,
and clinical observations in a fun and relaxed environment
Our therapists are available to meet with parents, caregivers and/or teachers,
to discuss a child’s specific challenges, to elaborate.
Our comprehensive assessment reports include all assessment and evaluation results,
analysis of results, conclusions regarding a child’s functional level with
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Welcome to Skylark Therapy

Skylark Therapy is a private paediatric clinic located in Port Moody, British Columbia. We work with children from birth to 18 years of age, with learning, behavioural and developmental challenges. We also offer limited services for the adult population.

Skylark Therapy provides speech language pathology (SLP) occupational therapy (OT) and Music Therapy (MT) in a fun, active and supportive environment. We believe in holistic and interdisciplinary treatment that addresses the development of language, communication and social skills, physical and fine motor skills, sensory integration and processing skills as well as age-appropriate life skills.

The clinicians at Skylark Therapy provide assessment, consultation and treatment services. Read more About Us and Our Services


All therapists provide weekly sessions. Some also provide sessions on an intensive (2+ sessions per week), bi-weekly or consultative basis.



The therapists at Skylark use a variety of methods to assess your child’s abilities, needs and barriers, in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment.



We are available to meet with parents, teams, and schools, to talk about your child’s challenges and help set goals and strategies.


About The Clinic

Skylark Therapy is located in Port Moody, just steps away from Rocky Point Park and the Burrard Inlet. The clinic utilizes private therapy rooms as well as a fully equipped sensory integration occupational therapy room.

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Our Clients

Skylark therapy supports children from birth to age 18 with learning, behavioural and developmental challenges ranging from mild to severe.